How the Internet Transforms the Individual into a Conspiracy of One

Invito i lettori del mio sito a riflettere sul down che in questo momento è in corso sulle piattaforme Zuckerberg con il pensiero di chi di queste cose se ne intende.


Edward Snowden twitta: “Since you actually have time to read something that matters now that Facebook is down, allow me to suggest a quick little piece on the thinking that got us into the mess in the first place”

Fonte articolo: Edward Snowden


The easier it becomes to produce information, the harder that information becomes to consume — and the harder we have to work to separate the spurious from the significant.

Humans are meaning-making machines, seeking order in the chaos. Our pattern recognition capabilities are a key determinant in defining intelligence. But we now live in a dystopian digital landscape purpose-built to undermine these capabilities, training us to mistake planned patterns for convenient and even meaningful coincidences. 

You know the drill: email a colleague about the shit weather and start getting banner ads for cheap flights to Corsica (I hear it’s nice?); google “ordination license” or “city hall hours” and watch your inbox fill with rebates for rings and cribs. (… continua)


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